Monday, September 8, 2014

Ballerina cake

Mickey and Minnie Cupcake

Fondant or Buttercream?

fondant covered cake, first you cover the cake with buttercream or ganache if its a chocolate cake, then cover it again with fondant sheet, fondant taste like marshmallow or marsipan, its sweet and gooey
why does it is more expensive than the buttercream covered cake? well, u see, it was double layered, buttercream then fondant, and also fondant itself is expensive

buttercream covered cake, taste creamy, sweet and light 

mulai sekarang, jangan nanya lagi yaa bedanya fondant sama buttercream...hahahaha...

Birthday Cookies

celebrating birthdays doesn't always means cake or cupcakes... a brilliant idea from a customer, to give a cookie set for her husband's birthday :)

a bit drama with the delivery courier, but it was delivered in one piece finally, fyi, i stop using that courier, they're so unprofessional, first they forgot my order, then they don't want to deliver my cookies :( 

End of School Year Cookies

end of school year cookies for nayra's schoolmates

Masha and the Bear

happy birthday Adin, thank you mama Fitri for the order :))

simple cupcake for goodie bag
and cupcake set in fondant covered

Mickey Mouse birthday!!

happy birthday Zola, thank you for the order mama Tyas... your ideas for theme and goodie bag are so inspiring as always ;)

Goodie bag cupcake

buttercream cupcake with edible image for goodie bag

Mermaid Cake

mermaid cake, thank you for your order:)
happy customer, happy baker :))

chocolate cake covered in fondant