Sizes and Servings

Cake Sizes and Servings
Servings are approximate only.  Please consider the time of day the cake is served, and whether it is served alone or with other food.  For example, guests may enjoy larger servings of cake at an afternoon party than after a dinner.
For a round cake, size refers to diameter.  For square and rectangle cakes, size refers to length of each side.  Servings for square are based on a 2 inch x 2 inch slice (5cm x 5cm).
ShapeSize inchesSize cmServings
Round6"15 cm6-8
8"20 cm12-14
9"23 cm16-18
10"25.5 cm18-22
12"30.5 cm28-32
14"35.5 cm36-48
Square6"15 cm9
8"20 cm16
10"23 cm25
12"30.5 cm36
14"35.5 cm49
Rectangle9" x 13"23 x 33 cm24
11.5" x 14"29 x 35.5 cm38-42